Plastic Card Imprinting & Embossing

NewBold manufactures the Addressograph® Model 610 Plastic Card Embosser, Addressograph® Model 2000 Electric Imprinter, Model 830 Electric Imprinter, Quality Blank Plastic Cards and Supplies for virtually any plastic card application. Addressograph products have been prominent in the Healthcare market for the last 40 years.

Medical Office

Addressograph® Model 610 Electronic Card Embosser

addressograph 610 embosserThe ideal card-based solution for embossing patient cards in all hospital environments. We have redesigned and enhanced our embosser to satisfy all the medical industry’s requirements in one compact, lightweight, economical desktop system. Whether it’s less than 200 cards per day or up to 500 cards per day, the Addressograph® 610 will do it all.

Do you have an old embosser that you need to replace? Ask us about our Embosser Trade-In Program, trading in your old embosser will save you additional $ against the purchase of a New Addressograph Model 610 Card Embosser.

Click here to download Addressograph 610 Embosser Brochure.

Addressograph Electric Card Imprinters

  • Addressograph 2000 embosserAddressograph® Model 2000 Series electric imprinter is our most popular model, offering maximum flexibility for specialized card applications in a compact design. The 2000 series was designed specifically for the Healthcare market to provide accurate, high quality impressions in any location, on any size form, every time. No breakdowns, print adjustments or smudging.
  • The Addressograph® Model 830 electric Imprinter, with its new look and new features, is an economical imprinter that combines crisp impressions, format flexibility and product durability for a variety of data capture applications. Designed specifically for those that have low to medium imprinting requirements, the Model 830 is quick and easy to imprint your forms in just seconds.

Click here to download Addressograph Model 2000 brochure.
Click here to download Addressograph Model 830 brochure.

Addressograph Card-Based Supplies

Addressograph offers several supply items that are used in a card-based solution, such as the Addressograph Plastic Card Filing Rack, CR50 & CR80 size plastic room/bed jackets, Station plates, and replacement Ink Rollers for your imprinters.

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