Completing a multi-site installation often involves coordinating numerous service providers (cablers, installers, etc.) from across the United States, Canada and Mexico. From data conversion to network installation and wiring/cabling, NewBold Technologies has the expertise and resources to complete the entire installation process for you. One source of accountability and responsibility means fewer project delays and expenses. We have trained and dedicated Deployment teams and field technicians across North America and Australia.

From Our Customers:

“OfficeMax has been a Newbold customer for more than 10 years. The service and support they provide is truly best in class. They can handle all aspects of any technology deployment/reclamation project, small or large. Attention to detail is their strong suite. From planning for the receipt of product to the timing of delivery in my stores, Newbold has flawless execution every time. From my perspective, Newbold is a key partner for successful project deployment.”

James Farrar
Senior Manager, Retail Systems Integration

NewBold Technologies Field Services team provides high quality services at a lower total cost than outsourcing the components individually. This can be attributed to our Site Survey in which field technicians map each site for operational and technical requirements.

Using the Site Survey results, a comprehensive implementation plan is developed that includes all necessary structural components, such as data cabling, phone lines, and fixtures. When all the details are accounted for, the entire rollout is streamlined.

Deployment Value-Added Services & Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Site Surveys
  • RF Site Survey for wireless deployments
  • Systems de-installation and packaging
  • Installation of new systems
  • New store installations as well as store closures
  • Legacy system upgrades and refurbishment
  • Installation of traffic counter technology
  • Installation of digital signage solutions
  • Mobile technology
  • Quality assurance testing and support
  • Site images and installation completion documentation

Understanding that customer satisfaction is key to a retailer’s success, NewBold Technologies entire installation process is focused on minimizing disruption to operations and inconveniences for the retailer’s customers during system migration. In doing so, we provide off-hours installations and run dual systems so that the site is never down.