All special offers are limited to inventory as available. Please call sales for pricing and availability.

Grade “B” PVC Inventory

The fallout rate for Grade B / Litho cards is a little higher than industry standard. Cards may have minor dust, debris, or light scratches”.

Inventory as available, warranty & return policy does not apply due to discounted price. These cards are a great value for card printing companies.

  • CR80.030 White Laminated with Overlay
  • Cr80.030 White Laminated Press/Polish Finish, No Overlay
  • Cr80.030 White LoCo2Track
  • Cr80.030 White LoCo3Track
  • Cr80.030 White HiCo2Track
  • Cr80.030 White HiCo3Track

Overstock Material:

We can offer a special price for the following colors, as material is available:

  • Cr80.030 Teal PVC Card
  • Cr80.030 Light Green PVC Card