Specialty Cards

Key-Tag Cards

NewBold CR80.030 PVC Key-Tag Cards
Available in all colors.

2-UP       2-UP

3-UP       3-UP

Please contact Sales for specialty key-tag sizes or pricing information.

Adhesive Back Cards

NewBold adhesive/sticky back cards.

CR80 & CR79 Adhesive PAPER-Liner

PVC Thickness 10 mil 14 mil 20 mil 24 mil
Liner Thickness 8 mil 8 mil 8 mil 8 mil
Finished Card 18 MIL 22 MIL 28 MIL 32 MIL

CR80 & Cr79 Adhesive MYLAR-Liner

PVC Thickness 10 mil 14 mil
Liner Thickness 14 mil 14 mil
Finished Card 24 MIL 28 MIL


Please call for Paper-Liner & Mylar Release Liner Cards availability and pricing.


Eco-Friendly Plastic Cards

Recycled PVC Cards (CR80.030 Mil Card Only)

NewBold Recycled PVC Cards meet the most recently published FTC guidelines.

Content: 65% pre-consumer recycled content in core material & 35% virgin material in core stock. Finished card bodies are 50% recycled PVC content.

Due to recycled material content, these cards may have a tint to white color; tint of grey, pink or green. The color variance may occur, due to color PVC material that can be mixed in with white material during recycle process. As for print quality, we have been assured that the recycled cards will perform the same as NewBold premium white cards, regardless of printing application.

Recycled Card Offerings

  • Cr80.030 Recycled Blank White PVC
  • Cr80.030 Recycled Blank White w/ LoCo3Track Magnetic Stripe
  • Cr80.030 Recycled Blank White w/ HiCo3Track Magnetic Stripe

Please contact NewBold for more information, samples or pricing.

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