Thermal Printing

Addressograph® Thermal Printer Compliance Solution

medical thermal print documents

Addressograph provides OEM thermal printers for your barcoding needs, whether it’s connected to an embosser or stand-alone thermal printing. Choose from several styles and sizes, from small desktop size to larger capacity thermal printers.

Resellers of:

  • AMT DataSouth Thermal Printers
  • Zebra Thermal Printers
  • Zebra and AMT DataSouth labels
  • Precision Dynamics Thermal Printer Wristbands
  • Thermal transfer ribbons

Addressograph can provide you the labels, wristbands and barcode scanners to accompany your thermal printer solution. We provide a wide range of manufacturer’s labels and wristbands for your printing needs. To learn more about the supplies we offer, visit our Supplies page.

Addressograph also provides quality LaserBand® Healthcare laser printer sheets, Patient Chart labels (30 and 42-up counts) and Adult and pediatric wristband/label sheets.

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