What colors do you offer for your blank plastic cards?

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19 colors including:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Cranberry
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Light Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Tan
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Green-Gold
  • Yellow-Gold
  • Copper
  • Clear
  • Frosted.

If the color you are looking for is not listed, we may still have it.   Please contact Sales for more information.

How do I determine card thickness?

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If you are currently using cards, check the box for card size and thickness printed on the label. Card thickness can be at 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, 40, 50 MIL.  If you don’t have this information you can measure the card with a micrometer or mail us a card to verify the thickness.

For example, “retail” credit cards are 30 mil, while “healthcare” cards are commonly 24 mil.

How do I determine card size?

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If your card is standard “credit card” size, this is CR 80. If the card is different, see list below or contact Sales for assistance.

What size cards are available?

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NewBold Punch Card Specifications (with rounded corners) as follows:

  • CR80 3.375” x 2.125”
  • CR50 3.5” x 1.725”
  • CR70 2.875” x 2.125”
  • CR90 3.5” x 2.312″
  • Cr100 3.875” (+/-.005) x 2.626” (+/-.002)

Additional sizes with rounded corners:

  • 2 1/2 x 3 3/4
  • 2 3/8 x 3 1/2

Note: We can cut plastic to any size with square corners

What is the difference between super stress and utility stress cards?

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Super stress cards are laminated with a stress overlay. When embossed the characters stress whiter than utility cards, which makes it easier to read the embossing. Super stress cards are print quality, for embossing and printing. They are manufactured in all colors and finishes.

Utility stress cards contain a stressing compound, when embossed the cards stress white. Utility cards are not print quality and are only available in polish/matte finish.  Colors are limited to: blue, green, red, and cranberry. If you have a requirement for Utility with matte/matte finish- please contact Sales for special factory quote.

What type of card is best for thermal (direct to card) printers?

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Non-Stress Graphic Quality in all direct to card thermal printers.

What type of card is the best for thermal re-transfer printers?

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Non-Stress Graphic Quality or Composite PVC/PET depending on the printer model. Sales can help match the card based on retransfer printer make/model.

What type of card is best for printing and embossing?

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Super Stress cards are graphic quality, laminated with stress overlay. When embossed, the raised letters stress whiter than other options making it easier to read the embossing. If you have any questions, contact Sales.

What type of card is best for embossing only?

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Utility Stress card. These cards are more economically priced and stress white when embossed.

What type of card is the “toughest”?

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NewBold provides a line of composite PVC/PET cards for higher durability:

NewBold Composite Cards / Cr80.030 White:                          Industry Reference:

PL3:    3-4 Times Longer than PVC          Composite Lite                     (80/20)

PL5:    5-6 Times Longer than PVC.         Most common                       (70/30)

PL6:    7-8 Times Longer than PVC.         Driver’s License                    (60/40)

Composite cards are constructed for durability.  For more information, click here for more information.

Do you offer Recycled cards?

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NewBold is a proud manufacturer of Recycled cards.